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Order the Drink - Tea or Coffee

Fodder, Pepsi and Cola often eat dinner out. (i) Each orders either tea or coffee after dinner. (ii) If Fodder orders coffee, then Pepsi orders the drink that Cola orders. (iii) If Pepsi orders coffee, then Fodder orders the drink that Cola doesn't order. (iv) If Cola orders tea, then Fodder orders the drink that Pepsi orders. Who do you know always orders the same drink after dinner?

SOLUTION : Fodder is one who orders the same drink always and that drink is tea. Let us see what will happen if Fodder orders coffee. In that case, Pepsi and Cola will order same drink by statement second. So, either both Pepsi and Cola will have tea (but in that case, statement fourth cannot be true) or both will have coffee (but in that case , statement third cannot be true). So, a contradiction always arises if Fodder takes coffee.

Now, Fodder will always have to take tea. So, he is the person who always orders same drink.

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