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Jai Veeru

Jai and Veeru have the same number of marbles when they start playing. Then Jai gains 20 marbles and later he loses 2/3rds of what he had. Now Veeru has 4 times as many marbles as Jai has. Find the initial number of marbles that each of them had?

SOLUTION : Let initial number of marbles with each of them be x. After gaining and losing, Jai will have x+20- 2x/3 = 20 + x/3

At this stage, Veeru has 4 times marbles than Jai. So, 2x- (20+x/3) = 4(20+x/3)

Solving this, we get x = 300. So, each of them had 300 marbles in the beginning.

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