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Count the numbers!

All of you must have seen this illusion a lot many times since your childhood. So, my purpose here is not to make you wonder about this illusion.

The question is : All of the dice shown here are identical. Can you find out the sum of numbers on the faces that are open (which are not sticked to a face of another dice).

A hint that i can give is all these dice will be having 4 open faces each.


Boxes - Red or Pink

It may seem that the two arms of X have different colors - red and pink.

Both of them are actually same. If you will see them in a white background, you will come to know that they are same. The way a colour looks to our eyes is very much dependent on surrounding colors.

Still doubtful. Download this image, open in Adobe Photoshop, and use color picker to determine their color code. You will come to know they are exactly same.


The warped Chair

It is a famous illusion where there seems to be a mismatch between the orientation of chair and the way man is going to sit on chair. See yourself to figure out.


Waves or Straight - Duality

Not only does this static picture seem to move as your eyes move across it, it also gives an impression the lines of rounded rectangles it is composed of are slanted. If you look closer, you will realise all of the rounded rectangles are lined up perfectly, both horizontally and vertically.


Head in Hands

The only thing you might see in the first look is some hands. Have a closer look , the hands are forming the shape of a human skull.