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A company’s profile is the first thing an applicant should know before sitting in the placement process of a company. Most of the companies conduct a pre placement talk with students to give you an idea about their company, but some do not. And during interview, they do expect a candidate is aware about details like vision, mission, history, turnover, scale of the company, technologies they use, centers they have, and most importantly where a candidate see himself in their company with the specific skill set he has.So, do not forget to go through this profile whenever you sit for the placement process of this company Convergys.

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Convergys - Company Profile

Placement procedure

Written Exam

(Total 75 questions in 85 minutes)Paper1: Logical Reasoning(20 Questions ), Paper2: ( Technical Ability(20 Questions ), Paper3: Programming(20 Questions ), Paper4: ( Verbal Ability(15 Questions )

Other details

No Negative Marking : Sectional Cut off : No Online Test


No Group Discussion round, HR-Interview and Technical Interview

CEO Jeffrey Fox
Company Profile

Convergys Corporation is a corporation based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that sells customer management and information management products, primarily to large corporations. Customer management products include agent assisted, self-service and care software tailored to the communications, financial services, technology retail, healthcare and government markets. Information management provides convergent billing and business support system (BSS) products and services including revenue management, product and order management, and customer care management to telecom, utilities, and cable/satellite/broadband service providers. Convergys has approximately 70,000 employees in 68 customer contact centers and other facilities in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. In the western United States, Convergys uses a business model that offers entry-level customer-service work at pay not much above minimum wage, geared toward students and other beginning-level workers. It pays generous tuition reimbursement for enrolled students, and seems prepared to manage the turnover rates that such a comparatively mobile--one could say 'restless'--workforce tends to cause. Large numbers of especially first- and second-year employees leave its ranks. As a result, Convergys is virtually always hiring and training phone center workers. Convergys develops detailed training programs for these new employees, and offers good supervisor support for front-line call center workers dealing with customer problems.

Company Info


Service Locations

USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, South and Latin America
Technologies Used

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